Handmade, Customised
Great Tone Range

As good as it sounds!


Shepherd Crooks

Handmade wood and horn crooks.

Trumoi (Turbo)

Great tone range, all conditions.

01. Handmade

Handmade with quality materials, perfect for everyday use.

02. Customised

Choose any material, the type of engraving, the lanyard and the case you like.

03. Great Tone Range

Clear high frequency tones with a wide range of sounds.

Our beautiful whistles arrived today, thank you Dima Whistles!

Craig Malloch

My whistle and lanyard from Dima Whistles came today!! Check out their FB page. Super nice and their work is outstanding!!

Cindy McWorther Carrington

Thank you, they are really neat whistles with my stud name on them, and they sound good too!

Penny ONeill

New Whistles! Did get these VERY nice whistles from Dima Whistles the other day! The whistles have engravings on both sides, they look great, feels solid and they sound great too:)

Jonas Gustafsson

Thank you very much Dima Whistles! I love it!!!

Karin Mattsson

Thanks Dima Whistles!! Good sound

Akihiro Moriuchi

Thanks again! My whistle arrived today, delighted with it. Dog's are still deaf tho! lol

David Corrigan

This looks very good! Thank you Dima Whistles, for taking the effort and constantly improving your whistles... Amazing enthusiasm!

Viola Hebeler

Quality Work!

Bobby Dalziel

Euskal artzaien soinue